[ARTICLE] YG-Life: “We are YG Family” Yang Hyun Suk posted Photos of YG Team Dinner

YG Family

[Dispatch=박인영기자] “YG Entertainment” singers had a team dinner.

YG’s head YANG HYUN SUK posted photos of YG’s team dinner on his SNS, on the 5. In the photos, YANG is enjoying party in a pork restaurant with YG artists.

The atmosphere seems to be quite friendly. TAEYANG, GD, and JINU are talking to each other pleasantly, and JINU is bursting into a big laughter, having fun with the two YG juniors.

YANG HYUN SUK and “producer” TEDDY also posted some photos of the team dinner. The two are looking into the camera, wearing a mild smile. Their pose of putting a hand on the chin also looks impressive.

Meanwhile, “BIGBANG” for which GD and TAEYANG are members, came back on the 4 by performing in Mnet’s “M-Countdown”.

Source: YG-Life

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