[YG LIFE NEWS] [Music@Report] ‘D-DAY’ BIGBANG’s 2nd Shot Explodes!


[TV리포트=김예나 기자] How long and how far will group BIGBANG’s second shot explode?

BIGBANG came back on May 1 with album titled “M” after three years of absence, and is releasing new albums every month, in “MADE SERIES”. “LOSER” and “BAE BAE” of album “M” swept music charts for 17 days and have stayed in the No.1 and No.2 places since their release. The music videos of the two songs have also drawn keen attention. As of May 29, the number of views of “LOSER” and “BAE BAE” on YouTube is recording 25.92 million and 20 million, respectively.

With the sensation created by the music and music videos, BIGBANG earned total 10 No.1 trophies in May. BIGBANG used to appear in only SBS and Mnet’s shows, but they began to appear in KBS TV’s shows this year, to come closer to the public.

BIGBANG is releasing new albums every month until September, and the second album of the comeback project “MADE SERIES”, which is titled “A”, is released on June 1 at midnight. “LOSER” and “BAE BAE” were released in album “M”, and the new album “A” will have two new songs “BANG BANG BANG” and “WE LIKE 2 PARTY”.

First, the red-toned poster of “BANG BANG BANG” is expressing a strong and intense mood. It looks like a movie poster, showing BIGBANG’s masculine appeal to the maximum. BIGBANG member G-DRAGON, T.O.P, and YG’s head producer TEDDY took part in the production of “BANG BANG BANG”.

On contrary, the poster of “WE LIKE 2 PARTY” gives a cool summer’s feeling. In the poster, the five members of BIGBANG are walking on the blue beach of Jeju Island. The blue color that makes a clear contrast with the poster of “BANG BANG BANG” looks so cool.

Along with the release of new albums, BIGBANG is meeting 1.4 million fans around the world, in 70 concerts to be held in 15 countries, beginning from Guangzhou in China on May 30 and 31. “BIGBANG 2015 WORLD TOUR ‘MADE’ IN SEOUL” that began in April this year will expand into a North America tour to be held three years after the first one.

BIGBANG appears in “EXCLUSIVE LIVE STREAMING WITH NAVER” on NAVER CAST on June 1, at 11pm. The members themselves directly introduce the new songs in the show to be live-broadcasted only one hour before the release of album “A”, waiting for the release with fans. It seems to be a strategy to further enhance the impact of the new songs, by using the influence of live-broadcasting.

The release of BIGBANG’s “MADE SERIES” has put the entire music scene in Korea on an emergency mode. Other singers who expect that they will lose the competition against BIGBANG on music charts are delaying or advancing the schedule of their album’s release, to avoid confrontation with BIGBANG. As BIGBANG announced that they will release new albums every month until September, such trend is expected to continue for some time.

However, it is still not sure whether BIGBANG will be able to achieve a record success in June, too, following the great success made in May. EXO is releasing a repackage album and Lee Seung-gi and SISTAR who always take high rankings on music charts are coming back in June, too. As other popular singers have also announced their imminent comeback, nobody can sure about how long and how far BIGBANG’s success will last.

2015. 6. 1.



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