[ARTICLE] Dara thanks fans for their thoughtful gift to the set of her web drama, ‘We Broke Up’


Aw, it comes as no surprise that 2NE1‘s Dara has some of the sweetest fans ever.

As she is currently busy filming her web drama, ‘We Broke Up,’ the fans made sure that she was well taken care of on set by sending over a snack cart!  

She posted a picture of herself looking adorable by the fans’ gift onto Instagram and wrote, “The snack cart that only has the things I like on the menu >.< We the actors and the staff members, who got so sick of filming, ate all of it very x 21 deliciously~!!!  You don’t know how many times I heard, ‘Dara, we ate well~’… ^^;;  Even though it’s not for me to hear..  Thank you so much, our Blackjacks and Daralings, for always taking care of me so reliably and supporting me and giving me energy.  You’re the best, the best… the shrimp tempura was the most delicious!!! You have good sense..!!!  Bow!!!”

She also posted a picture on Twitter with more words of thanks.

source: allkpop


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