[YG LIFE NEWS] YANG, Who Insisted “Inkigayo” Now Decides to Go For “Music Bank”: Why?


[스포츠조선=이정혁 기자] “Everyone called me crazy!”

YG Entertainment YANG HYU SUK’s reconciliation with KBS has become the topic of the day.

For most of the time, YG artists would only appear on SBS’s Inkigayo when they release new albums, and not MBC’s “Show! Music Center” or KBS2’s “Music Bank”. It seemed like the agency was in a slightly better relationship with MBC as G-DRAGON appeared on “Infinite Challenge.” But rumors surrounding YANG’s agency and KBS have never ceased to spread. Of course, neither YG nor KBS admitted to any of the rumors.

In the midst of the hype, BIGBANG confirmed that they would be appearing on “Music Bank” on May 15, igniting the flame to the issue. Have they reconciled? BIGBANG is also scheduled to appear on KBS’s representing variety program “Happy Together 3,” which seems to prove the reconciliation rumor.

So why did YANG adhere to the only-Inkigayo rule?

On April 26, YANG gave an explanation to all these after BIGBANG’s Seoul concert.

He commented, “Unlike what people think, we are in good terms with KBS. The reason we did not make appearances on these programs is that we are really ambitious about delivering good performances. When an artist appears on TV, it is uploaded on YouTube immediately where the world can see. So we need quality stage.”

He added, “So for years, our artists only appeared once a week on music program with the best stage. Everyone called me crazy, because other managers were desperate to schedule as many performances as they could.”

“These days, it’s not about appearing on TV often. It’s much more about music,” expressing his determination to create good music.

Thus all eyes are on this week’s “Music Bank” to see how KBS will satisfy the needs of YG Entertainment for a brilliant stage.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG has been solidly maintaining their top positions on various music charts for 13 days since the release of “LOSER” and “BAE BAE” on May 1.

2015. 5. 13.

source: yg life blog


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