[ARTICLE] Netizens accuse Psy of receiving special treatment from the military + Psy responds


Singer Psy was recently criticized for using early leave from a reserve forces drill by a portion of netizens that accused the singer of getting special treatment from the military.

On May 13, a rep from Psy revealed to the reporters that the singer had attended the reserve forces drill at Naegok-dong, the same location where the random gun shooting incident occurred that day.

To reassure the fans of Psy’s safety, reports stated that the singer had left the training early due to personal schedules and had received permission from the military authorities before leaving. The rep also told the reporters that Psy had been unaware of the gun fire incident that happened around 20 minutes after he had left the scene.

When the report was released, a portion of netizens started to criticize Psy, claiming that the singer had received special treatment from the military just because he was a celebrity.

A representative from YG Entertainment defended the singer, saying that the rumors of Psy receiving special celebrity treatment weren’t true. They said, “Psy left early because he was not able to change his schedules that were already set. This is a system that all reserve soldiers can utilize. The rumors of him receiving special treatment is nonsense.”

Another report also included a statement from a military authority who said, “For Direction Operation Plan (the drill Psy had attended), if you notify of your situation, you can receive permission from the officer in command and leave early. There were other people who left early besides Psy that day. They are required to fill in the drill hours later on.

Meanwhile, netizens who were much more aware of the military training system came forward to defend the singer, writing, “People who didn’t go to the military don’t know anything, but are picking at everything,” and, “Anyone can leave early, not just celebrities. You just have to finish the hours that you missed, what are people talking about.”

source: allkpop


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