[NEWS] CHA SEUNG WON Has Been Confirmed to Play the Title Role in Director Kang Woo-suk’s New Movie “Gosanja-Daedongyeojido”


CHA who is currently boasting his outstanding acting and presence in MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama series “Hwajeong” by playing the title role of charismatic king “Gwanghae”, selected a historical drama once again, for his next movie to act for.

CHA has been working with “hit-maker” director Kang for the past 15 years. They have worked for the same films as a producer and actor, but “Gosanja” is the first movie for the two to work with as the director and actor. All the movies the two have created together are important and meaningful ones in the history of Korean movies, including “Kick the Moon”, “Jailbreakers”, “My Teacher, Mr. Kim”, “Ghost House”, “Blood Rain”, etc.

Kang expressed his special affection for CHA, saying, “I’ve been with him from the very beginning of his acting career and he has such a special talent in enhancing his appeals and charms year after year. Notably, his hidden warmth will play a big role in expressing the life of Gosanja, which was full of passion but lonely.” Then, Kang also showed a big confidence in the new movie, saying, “I’ll create an all-time masterpiece”.

Film “Gosanja” is director Kang’s twentieth film, which is the first-ever historical drama directed by him. It is the story of geographer and cartographer Kim Jeong-ho who bore a big enthusiasm for maps because of his father’s death due to the wrong map. Kim Jeong-ho’s fight against his destiny in the times of the Joseon Dynasty will be depicted in the movie, in line with his creation of “Daedongyeojido”, Joseon Dynasty’s first-ever map of the entire Korean Peninsula.

CHA will begin the shootings of “Gosanja” immediately after the end of drama series “Hwajeong”. Kang’s enthusiastic resolution to express the perfect “Daedongyeojido”, the map completed through Kim Jeong-Jo’s lifetime mission, in line with images of Korea’s four seasons, is expected to make CHA spend this year’s summer more enthusiastically than ever.

source: ygunited


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