[NEWS] Female Singers’s Featuring Relay for JINUSEAN Begins… DARA as the First Runner

[OSEN=최나영 기자] Female singers are to feature for hip-hop duo JINUSEAN’s performance of “TELL ME ONE MORE TIME” in a relay, adding a new excitement and energy to JINUSEAN’s stage.

DARA was picked as the first female singer to feature for JINUSEAN who has had deep bond and friendship with a lot of junior singers.

JINUSEAN explained the reason why they picked DARA, “We really love 2NE1′s music. Plus, DARA was so good in the performance of ‘TELL ME’ staged for last week’s show of KBS2 TV’s ‘Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook’. So we asked for her featuring right there after the performance”.

DARA appeared in KBS 2TV’s music show “Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook” aired on April 24, to perform for “TELL ME” with JINUSEAN, and she boasted a perfect harmony with JINUSEAN, as well as her unique appeal in the performance. Thus, DARA is expected to add another excitement to the performance of “TELL ME ONE MORE TIME”, with her own appeal different from that of JANG HAN NA who originally featured for the song.

JINUSEAN will perform not only with YG’s female artists but also with the members of other label’s idol groups, and will cast the featuring artists on their own by making use of their wide network in the music scene. JINUSEAN jokingly said, “We’ll try casting popular girl group members at the waiting room for music shows in broadcasting stations. We cannot wait for it”.

Last year, EPIK HIGH, JINUSEAN’s YG colleague, collaborated with a lot of female singers including Yoonha, 2NE1′s MINZY, and AKMU’s LEE SU HYUN, for their performance of “HAPPEN ENDING”. The new vocal for every performance caught the ears and eyes of music fans and created sensation every time.

The female Singers’s featuring relay for JINUSEAN that will begin this week will also entertain music fans with a variety of new performances. Plus, fans’ curiosity and expectations for who will follow DARA to collaborate with JINUSEAN are rising higher.

Meanwhile, JINUSEAN is scheduled to have many TV performances and appearances.

2015. 4. 28.

Originally posted by: YG Life


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