[ARTICLE] YANG HYUN SUK, “The Goal for This Year is BIGBANG’s Triple Crown in End-of-Year Music Awards”

[OSEN=김사라 기자] YG Entertainment’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK talked about his goal for this year, saying, “I wish BIGBANG can receive all of the best album award, best singer award, and best song award in end-of-year music awards”.

In an interview right after the Seoul concert of BIGBANG’s world tour “MADE” on April 26, YANG said, “I have a goal for this year. All the other YG groups are of course important, but I wish BIGBANG could receive all of the best album award, best singer award, and best song award in end-of-year music awards, to culminate their performances during a long period of time from May to September. It will be not easy, but I want every song of BIGBANG achieve a great success, as the team is coming back after a long time of absence”.

That shows YANG’s willingness to pay back to BIGBANG fans, since fans have been waiting for three years for BIGBANG’s comeback. YANG also mentioned, “I feel really sorry for BIGBANG fans, because the release of the team’s new album has been delayed a lot. BIGBANG will concentrate on performances in Korea during May”.

BIGBANG is coming back as a complete team three years after “Still Alive” released in June, 2012. BIGBANG has suggested their comeback several times in concerts and interviews, but the period of absence has been prolonged. Now, finally, BIGBANG is coming back. In the interview, G-DRAGON said, “Honestly, I experience something like a slump last year. As BIGBANG has grown this big all thanks to fans and the new album is being released after a long period of absence, I felt a heavy sense of burden that I must create a really good album”. 

YANG seems to have a positive view on BIGBANG’s comeback. At the Seoul concert, performances of new song “LOSER” and “BAE BAE” were unveiled and acclaimed by fans. That is why music fans are paying all the more attention to the new songs to be released in June, July, and August.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG’s new world tour will have total 70 concerts in 15 countries including China, Japan, Southeast Asian countries, and American countries, to draw as many as 1.4 million people as the audience. In Korea, the team will come back by releasing more than one new songs on the 1 of every month from May to August, to eventually complete the album “MADE” in September.

2015. 4. 27.

Originally posted by: YG Life


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