[ARTICLE] [Review] BIGBANG Has Finally Come Back after 3 Years… “Captivating 26,000 Fans”

[SBS funE =이정아 기자] BIGBANG has finally come back after three years of absence, with a new world tour in which ear-catching new songs and the team’s flagship energetic performances will be presented.

BIGBANG coming back as a complete team after three years of absence held the first concert of their world tour “MADE” on April 25 and 26, at Olympic Gymnastics Hall located in Seoul. BIGBANG drew total 26,000 fans to the two-day concert, 13,000 for each day.

Notably, the Seoul concert drew all the more attention from fans, as new songs of the team released three years after “STILL ALIVE” in June, 2012, were unveiled there. The concert finally began after a long time of waiting. The sound was very intense and vivid in every corner of the hall, and a horizontally-long and moving stage added to the dynamics and fancy of the performances, and the members looked more energetic than ever, just like they are quenching their thirst for stage at once.

Such dynamic performance was enabled by resolving the disadvantage of ordinary concert stages, where a lot of structures installed on the stage hinder audience’s visibility. To resolve such an issue, so-called “nude stage” made of total 48 tons of steal truss was installed for BIGBANG’s Seoul concert. For sound itself as well, the latest system called “Adamson Energia System” was used, to produce the world-best live sound by addressing subsonic imbalance caused by comfiltering (frequency interference) phenomenon. Lighting production with 106 pieces of laser equipment also gave the audience a whole new experience.

The concert began with great excitement, by performance of “FANTASTIC BABY”, followed by familiar hit songs including “TONIGHT”, “STUPID LIAR”, “HARU HARU”, “HOW GEE”, “BLUE”, “BAD BOY”, “CAFÉ”, “LIES”, etc. Since each of the BIGBANG members has been performing as a solo artist as well, each one’s solo performance including “STRONG BABY” (SEUNGRI), “WINGS” (DAE SUNG), “DOOM DA DA” (T.O.P), “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” (TAEYANG), and “CROOKED” (G-DRAGON) also excited the audience.

Plus, another big excitement at the concert was the first-ever performance of “LOSER” and “BAE BAE” which are the title tracks of “M”, the first project of BIGBANG’s comeback project “MADE SERIES”. As its name itself tells, “LOSER” is a song whose lonely feel is expressed with rhythmical rap and melody. “BAE BAE” is also a song that can fully satisfy fans’ long-time waiting for the team.

On the stage, BIGBANG talked about how they thank fans and how they have wanted to see fans on the stage, for several times. For BIGBANG’s comeback after a long time of absence, a project single with more than one songs will be released on the 1 of every month from May to August, and the complete album “MADE” will be unveiled in September.

The new world tour of BIGBANG is expected to draw much attention, with its unprecedented scale for a Korean singer. BIGBANG had their first world tour “ALIVE TOUR” in 2012, and set a record at that time by attracting 800,000 people of audience in 12 countries, which was the biggest-ever number for a Korean singer. The new world tour of the team will even go further, having 70 concerts in about 15 countries including not only China, Japan, and Southeast Asian countries, but also American countries, to draw as many as 1.5 million people. It is expected to break BIGBANG’s own record, with the unprecedented scale.

2015. 4. 26.

Originally posted by: YG Life


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