[ARTICLE] BIGBANG’s World Tour Eradicates Any Uncomfortable Seats

[조이뉴스24=정병근기자] BIGBANG is upgrading and shifting the paradigm of concerts but equipping themselves with concert facilities for their World Tour.

BIGBANG, who is kicking off their World Tour in Seoul on April 25 and 26 at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena, is devoting their energy on equipping the concert stadium with facilities of lighting, designs, directing, stage setting and sounds for fans to concentrate on the contents even better.

For the first time, they are using a 48-ton Steel Truss instead of an Aluminum Truss in the indoor stage. This is called the nude stage, and it eradicates all the factors that used to hinder the viewing of the concert caused by structures used in the past.

So now fans who are sitting at the sides can view the performance comfortably.

The most important part, which is sounds, is made better by the Adamson Energia System. This is a world-class sound system, completely different from what was built in the past, that can provide the optimum live sounds to the audience.

Laser directing is another notable point. The average number of laser beams used at concerts at 8, but BIGBANG’s concert will use 106. Another high-definition color laser lighting system, and there are not even ten of them across Asia.

The color laser can print out 25,600 colors and even when they are used with other colors, the brightness is not affected. The directing is made special, and this will surely heighten the level of concentration of the fans.

The meaningful point of BIGBANG’s concert is that the technology mostly made in Korea will be showcased overseas. The multi hoists that can print precise lighting is developed in Korea, and the only countries that possess the technology are England, Germany and the Netherlands.

Lifts and steel truss are also a technology developed in Korea.

Starting from the World Tour, BIGBANG will be releasing a single album with more than one song every month until August 1st, starting from May 1st. In September, an album will be released featuring all the songs.

2015. 4. 25.

Originally posted by: YG Life


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