[ARTICLE] BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON, “Working on New Album Last Year, Experienced Slump”

[OSEN=김사라 기자] BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON confessed, “I experienced a slump last year”.

BIGBANG presented the first concert of world tour “MADE” on April 25 and 26, at Olympic Gymnastics Hall located in Seoul. On the day, G-DRAGON said, “I’ve been well. I released a solo album the year before last year, and successfully performed, thanks to your support and love”.

He continued, “However, honestly, I experienced a slump last year. I was so worried. Because BIGBANG has grown so big thanks to you and the new album is released after a long period of absence, I felt a heavy sense of burden unknowingly. So I was worried very much, but everything went well once I began working”.

“So I thought all I should do is just working. This year, the members have been together most of the time, to work hard on the album”, added G-DRAGON.

BIGBANG is coming back as a complete team three years after “Still Alive” released in June, 2012. The team’s new world tour will have total 70 concerts in about 15 countries around the world including China, Japan, Southeast Asian countries, as well as American countries, to draw as many as 1.4 million fans.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG will come back by releasing more than one new songs on the 1 of every month from May to August, to complete the “MADE” album in September.

2015. 4. 26.

Originally posted by: YG Life


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