[NEWS] BIGBANG releases more information about ‘MADE’ album!

On April 24 at 3pm, YG Entertainment posted another teaser image on its official blog, to announce BIGBANG’s comeback once again.

The image is drawing keen attention from fans, showing a phrase “BIGBANG PLAN OF MADE SERIES” and dates of single album’s release scheduled for every month. In “MADE” project for BIGBANG’s comeback, project M to E will be launched for four months from May 1 to August 1. Then, the complete “MADE” album will be released on September 1.

Notably, the projects to be launched every month are not just digital singles but project single albums with more than one songs. So, the new project is expected to entertain music fans even further.

The imminent comeback of BIGBANG is drawing keen attention, as it is made after two years and ten months of break. Notably, BIGBANG is a team who directly writes their own music. So, their new music is expected to be unprecedentedly perfect, as BIGBANG has invested a lot of time for writing the music. Plus, as BIGBANG is holding world tour in line with their comeback, fans around the world will be able to more actively communicate with the team.

Recently, BIGBANG shot a music video with director Seo Hyun-Seung who has directed the music videos of “FANTASTIC BABY” and “I’M THE BEST”. Music fans are paying keen attention to how BIGBANG’s unprecedented comeback project of releasing a new album every month will impact the music scene.

*NOTE: Single Albums can contain 1 to 4 tracks, even 5 if they’re generous. Mini Albums usually has 5~8 tracks, sometimes 9. Full Albums contain 9~10+ Tracks.


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