[NEWS] CL Performs at America’s MDBP: Bigger Than Ever

[TV리포트=김수정 기자] CL, who is gearing up for her debut in the United States, will be meeting the local fans in the upcoming Mad Decent Block Party (MDBP).

Organizers of MDBP unveiled the lineup of the festival’s artists on April 17 (local time), announcing the appearance of CL. Other artists include Skrillex, Diplo, T-Pain, and Major Lazer.

MDBP is organized by Diplo’s label, which is carried out on an annual basis since 2008. It is a big festival based on concepts of global pop and dance music. The latest one will begin on July 31 in Atlanta, and will be carried out across 19 cities with 22 performances in North America. The scale of the festival this year is the biggest, with more than 10,000 audiences for each concert.

CL will be appearing for a total of 3 times, on August 9 in New York’s Brooklyn, on September 11 in California’s Berkley (San Francisco) and September 19 in Los Angeles.

Recently CL made 100,000 local fans ecstatic by performing with world-renown artists like Puff Daddy, Diplo and Justin Bieber when she went up on stage for Ultra Music Festival to sing for Skrillex’s ending performance.

CL signed a contract with Scooter Braun’s SB PROJECTS, which helped PSY made a successful penetration in the American market, and is now fully gearing up to make a debut in the United States.

2015. 4. 18.

Originally posted by: YG Life


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