[NEWS] BIGBANG’s blockbuster like ‘MADE’ Trailer produced by top class hollywood staffs!

BIGBANG has unveiled a blockbuster trailer video, in line with their plan for a world tour with an unprecedented scale.

On April 17 at 1pm, three-minute-long world tour trailer video “BIGBANG – ‘MADE’ TOUR TRAILER” was posted on YG’s official blog. On the same day in the morning, a poster that announces the title of BIGBANG’s world tour and the project name for the team’s new album, “BIGBANG PRESENTS: MADE”, was unveiled. Then, the trailer video with shockingly eye-catching images like a preview of a movie was posted, to draw keen attention from fans.

The music used for the trailer is also drawing much attention, as it is known to have been co-written by G-DRAGON and composed by KUSH and Seo Won-jin. The trailer begins with appearance of BIGBANG members in white shirts and black suits, with background music that catches viewers’ full attention. The members wearing sunglasses and confortable smile are catching the eyes. Plus, impressive scenes showing BIGBANG rushing in a vintage car, gun-shooting, as well as car chase boast a visual like a blockbuster movie.

More than 100 top-class American production staff took part in the trailer video.“Ed Burke”, a long-time videographer and performance director for Beyonce, worked as the creative and visual director, while “Dkeil Lemash” who led clothing photography shooting for Ralph Lauren and RRL worked as the photography director. Plus, “Jonathan Lea” who has produced music videos of Kanye West, Beyonce, Madonna, and other top stars took part in the trailer as the producer. In addition, “Nino Pansini” of the Fast & Furious series shot the car chase scene, to arouse all the more interest from fans.

The video of the trailer was shot all in the United States in a desert located in Lancaster, California, and in downtown LA, for four days. Hot places such as Hollywood studio and Beverly Hills Gold-Star Inn Residence building designed by famous architect “John Lautner” appear in the video, catching the eyes of viewers.

The new world tour of BIGBANG will continue until 2016 and it is expected to attract as many as 1.4 million people of audience to total 70 concerts to be held in 15 countries. The tour begins from the Seoul concert on April 25 and 26, and will continue to China, Japan, Southeast Asian countries, and American countries, to meet fans around the world.

Source: Osen

Translated by: YG LIFE


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