MFBTY wishes to collaborate with Park Bom & iKON’s Bobby!

To those who have been following MFBTY’s Bizzy,Tiger JK & Yoon Mi Rae for quite some time this ‘wish’ is old news as the members of MFBTY continue to hope for a collaboration with Park Bom.

In the recent interview with Asian Junkie, Tiger JK revealed the artists he wishes to collaborate with and Park Bom was mentioned– “I talked to Jinu (JinuSean) a while back about maybe doing a record together. I think that would be fun. I love Park Bom from 2NE1, she’s always been so kind.” Tiger JK has always been fond of Park Bom, constantly giving her a shout out and annually greeting her for her birthdays.

They also name dropped iKON’s Bobby, “I’ve mentioned that I’d like to work with Bobby and Park Bom, maybe by the time my solo album drops we can make that happen.” Bizzy voiced.

We hope your wishes come true MFBTY!

Source: Asian Junkie

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