[YG-Life] BIGBANG’s GD and TAEYANG Want to Perform with JINUSEAN

JinuSean G-Dragon Taeyang

[스타뉴스=길혜성 기자] BIGBANG (G-DRAGON, T.O.P, TAEYANG, DAE SUNG, and SEUNGRI)’s G-DRAGON and TAEYANG are going to have a joint performance with JINUSEAN, an YG senior who have long-time connections with them. G-DRAGON and TAEYANG have already expressed such an intention to the two team’s label YG Entertainment (“YG”).

One of G-DRAGON and TAEYANG’s insiders introduced the long-standing bond between G-DRAGON and TAEYANG, and JINUSEAN, saying, “G-DRAGON and TAEYANG joined YG as trainees when they were elementary school students, and have been thinking of JINUSEAN like their real brothers since then. TAEYANG actually made his first public appearance in early 2001, by acting in the music video of “A-YO” released by JINUSEAN in that year”.

According to the insider, “G-DRAGON and TAEYANG actually wanted to act in the music video of “Tell Me One More Time”, JINUSEAN’s new song after 11 years of absence, to support JINUSEAN. However, BIGBANG was shooting their own music video in the United States when JINUSEAN was shooting the video, so they could not join JINUSEAN. So G-DRAGON and TAEYANG expressed their strong intention to have a joint performance with JINUSEAN in TV shows”.

“As BIGBANG will release their new song after three years of absence on May 1 this year to come back to the music scene, the timing of BIGBANG’s TV performances is likely to overlap with that of JINUSEAN. Since the situation is like this, it has not been confirmed in what TV show the two teams will show their collaboration performance yet. However, it is highly likely that G-DRAGON and TAEYANG and JINUSEAN will stage the joint performance in TV shows”.

JINUSEAN released exciting dance song “Tell Me One More Time” on April 15 and has been sweeping No.1 on a variety of music charts. As G-DRAGON and TAEYANG of BIGBANG, one of the best K-pop idol groups, are going to join JINUSEAN, fans are paying keen attention to the collaboration performance they will show.

2015. 4. 16.

Source: YG-Life

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