[INTERVIEW] JINUSEAN Unveiled Their Comeback Photography Through Star Style Magazine HIGH CUT

High Cut Magazine - JinuSean 1

Legendary hip-hop duo JINUSEAN has come back.

JINUSEAN unveiled their comeback photography through star style magazine HIGH CUT released on April 16.

In the photography, JINUSEAN shows whole-new presence and unmatched funny actions. The two members boast an overwhelming charisma in black suit and biker jackets, as well as overflowing talent and funny character in colorful suits that remind of Jamaican singers.

Notably, in the cover photo, JINUSEAN members are taking a fun pose, pretending to cry with the first album release 18 years ago and the second album released 16 years ago in their hands. In another photo, the two completed perfect photography, making use of a variety of props including a Doberman Pincher dog, ice cream, and a toy spring.

In an interview carried out in line with the photography shooting, JINUSEAN talked about what they think of their comeback, episodes in relation with the release of the fifth full-length album, and their friendship with legendary baseball player Park Chan Ho who used to be a major leaguer.

High Cut Magazine - JinuSean 2

JINU said, “Thanks to our performance in “The Infinite Challenge – Saturday Singers”, we found out that many people are welcoming us. As so many people wanted us to come back, we were very much encouraged”.

SEAN said, “JINUSEAN’s music has been stuck in the past so far. The door was re-opened by “Saturday Singers”, and we’ve just crossed the threshold. Now, we have to create our own path for the future. We will recreate the way of JINUSEAN once again”.

Listening to SEAN’s remark that the team is also thinking of releasing a full-length album after release of “Tell Me One More Time”, JINU said, “That is what SEAN wishes, but YG president YANG HYUN SUK said that no more album will be release if we fail to top the chart with ‘Tell Me One More Time’. We must take the No.1 on music charts first”.

SEAN who is maintaining a long-time friendship with former major leaguer Park Chan Ho said, “He called me actually (after the airing of “Saturday Singers”). I said I was preparing for comeback, and he congratulated me, jokingly saying if he could take part in our new song a rapper”.

High Cut Magazine - JinuSean 3

Talking about JINUSEAN’s reputation as hip-hop president of Korea until 2004 when the team released their fourth full-length album, JINUSEAN showed a rather modest attitude, saying, “What we did was just to promote hip-hop to the public. Back then and now, there are many hip-hop artists better than us. Now, we are just uncles who try to promote hip-hop”.

JINUSEAN’s new song “Tell Me One More Time” released on the 15 this month is now sweeping No.1 on a variety of music charts.

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