[ARTICLE] YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk Promises Quick Debut For ‘K-Pop Star 4’ Winner Katie Kim

It’s starting to look like a very busy year for YGEntertainment. Jinusean just made their comeback earlier today, Big Bang is expected to make their comeback some time in the coming weeks, and 2NE1’s CL is still poised to take the U.S. by storm this year.

Katie Kim

As long as there’s no more trolling on the part of Papa YG, this fiscal year is sure to be one of the label’s most successful.

Things are going to get even busier as K-Pop Star 4 winner Katie Kim had no hesitation in choosing YG Entertainment as her label. Luckily for her, Yang Hyun Suk appreciated her eagerness to join the family and promised that she would debut as quickly as her fellow K-Pop Star label mates, Akdong Musician and Lee Hi, debuted.

“Lee Hi, Akdong Musician and other ‘K-Pop Star’ contestants have made their debut with their first songs in just couple months after joining YG. For the sake of Katie Kim and all of her fans, we are going to hurry the process of releasing her new song.” explained Suk (via Koreaboo).

“Katie Kim’s first song release as a YG member is both equally important for her as well as for the company. [YG] is going to put in the best efforts alongside with Katie Kim to create her first debut song.”

As for when that “quick” debut for Katie will be, it is probably safe to say either summer or fall of this year given the amount of comeback obligations already slated this year for YG Entertainment. Luckily for Katie, YG Entertainment is known to treat its artists with the utmost respect, so any delay will likely be in her best interest.

For those who have yet to hear Katie Kim sing, below is a video of her early days on K-Pop Star season four. In the video she sings “Killing Me Softly” with an impressive amount of soulfulness that ultimately lead J.Y. Park to call her the “dark horse” of the competition.

via Kpopstarz

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