[ARTICLE] WINNER’s Nam Taehyun shares photos from the set of web drama “Midnight’s Girl”

WINNER Nam Taehyun 1

Shooting for the upcoming web drama Midnight’s Girl has already begun, with lead Nam Taehyun sharing photos from the set as a teaser.

Published on April 17th, the WINNER member looks completely focused on his drama role as he sits next to the director, the two engrossed in a discussion.

This is Taehyun’s first drama role since his debut in the YG Entertainment male group, and staff reports that despite it being his first acting challenge, he has shown dedication and completely transform into his character.

Midnight’s Girl is also features female lead and rookie idol Yerin of G-Friend, and is MBC Every1‘s first web drama and follows the story of Gong Jidan (played by Taehyun) who dreams of becoming a superstar. He begins to run his own karaoke business, which coincidentally, prompts him into stardom.

The web drama will air via MBC Every1’s portal sites starting May 4th for two weeks.

WINNER Nam Taehyun 2

WINNER Nam Taehyun from Midnight’s Girl

WINNER Nam Taehyun 3

WINNER Nam Taehyun from Midnight’s Girl

Source: The Star Chosun via Koreaboo

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