[ARTICLE] Jinusean Reveals How It Scored Yoo Jae Suk, Haha and More Cameos in ′Tell Me One More TIme′ MV

“We called everyone we wanted to invite if we had a Jinusean party.”

Jinusean shared the backstory to the music video for new single Tell Me One More Time.


At a press conference held at the Banyan Tree Club & Spa in Seoul on April 15, Sean said “From recording to shooting the music video to releasing the digital single, it was the fastest in YG′s history. We shot the music video, in particular, in one day, and we called everyone we wanted to invite to a Jinusean party for a cameo.”

He continued, “Originally, all five of the ′Infinity Challenge′ members were supposed to come, but due to schedule conflicts, only Yoo Jae Suk and Haha were able to come. Many people squeezed in time with the heart of wanting to be a part of this. We′re really thankful.”

Jinusean′s comeback with the release of Tell Me One More Time on April 15 marks the duo′s return to K-Pop in 11 years. The music video, which was released with the digital single, features cameo appearances by Yoo Jae Suk, Haha, Seo Jang Hoon, Shoo, Kim Sung Soo, DJ DOC, Epik High, Yang Dong Geun, iKon′s Bobby and more.

Sean said, “To be honest, we′re sorry to Big Bang. There was a lot of interest in who would be YG′s first runner of the year, and we wound up coming back first. We know many fans were waiting for Big Bang, but we waited 11 years too. Shouldn′t we have a shot at being number one too? (Laughs). That′s how we were able to receive Big Bang′s consent and come back.”

Jinu said, “Soon after the single was released, our juniors sent us congratulatory messages. Epik High expressed their thanks, saying ′Thanks to you hyungs, we can continue for 10 more years.′”

He continued, “Because Big Bang is coming back in May, we will work hard for two weeks. When they come back, we plan on returning to their shadow. (Yang) Hyun Suk hyung said, feel honored that I′m giving 2nd place to Big Bang. Until then, we will work hard.”

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

Source: mwave


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