[PHOTO/NEWS] YG Reveals Why Jang Hana Was Chosen for Jinusean’s Comeback

Jang Hana JinuSean

Shortly after trainee Jang Hana was revealed to be the featured artist on Jinusean‘s comeback, YG Entertainment offered a reason behind the somewhat unlikely collaboration.

The former “K-Pop Star 3” and YG trainee Jang Hana will be featured on the hip hop duo’s comeback song “Tell Me One More Time,” which will be their first release together in 11 years. It is also a follow-up to their mega-hit “Tell Me” from the late 90′s, which featured the pop star Uhm Jung Hwa.

Numerous speculations were going around previously on which YG female vocalist will be featured on the song. It was revealed on April 14 that the trainee Jang Hana will be the featured artist.

YG’s representative Yang Hyun Suk commented on her featuring, “Jang Hana is still a trainee who hasn’t made an official debut. So she recorded the demo track with Tablo, who wrote the song. But after listening to the demo, I thought that her voice went really well with Jinusean’s new song, so I immediately asked her to feature on the song.”

He further added, “We will be able to find out with her featuring on Jinusean’s song exactly how much she has grown, and how she still has a lot of potential for further growth.”

Watch the teaser video featuring Jang Hana below. “Tell Me One More Time” will be released on April 15.

Source: Naver via Soompi

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