[NEWS] YG Ent: “JINUSEAN Will Come Back with “New Disco” Song Filled with the 90’s Feel!”


– TABLO Says “Tell Me One More Time” is a Dance Music Filled with the 90’s Feel

As the genre of “Tell Me One More Time” to be released by JINUSEAN after 11 years of absence on April 15 is known to be “new disco” that boasts the latest sound filled with the 1990’s feel, music fans’ interest in the song is growing higher.
TABLO who co-wrote JINUSEAN’s “Tell Me One More Time” said, “Our goal was to make a dance music filled with the 90’s feel, which can be easily enjoyed by anyone. You know, the songs of those days were rather plain, so innocent. To pick the genre of ‘Tell Me One More Time’, it is 90’s pop song. (laugh) In a more flowery term, it could be ‘new disco’.”
JINUSEAN is a team that led the popularity of hip-hop that was rather unfamiliar in the 1990’s, with their hit songs such as “A-YO” and “Gasoline”. In addition, hip-hop is sweeping the music scene recently once again, so music fans have expected that JINUSEAN will come back with a hip-hop song. However, as the team is known to come back with a new disco music with the latest style of sound but filled with the 90’s sentiment, fans’ expectations are growing even higher.
Considering the fact that mega-hit “Tell Me” is a popular dance music that has enjoyed big popularity for more than 10 years since its release, “Tell Me One More Time” is also expected to be an easy dance music that can be enjoyed by anyone.
With pieces of information about JINUSEAN’s new song being unveiled one by one before the team’s comeback, who will be featuring for the new song is also drawing a keen attention. Recently, YG partially unveiled the image of the woman to feature for the new song, in a teaser image for JINUSEAN’s comeback, to catch the eyes of music fans.
As singer Uhm Jung-hwa who featured for “Tell Me” back then enjoyed a great popularity, the curiosity and interest in who the featuring artist for the new song of JINUSEAN coming back after 11 years of absence will be are growing higher.
As such, music fans are paying keen attention to what new music and performance will be presented by JINUSEAN, who has been boasting new appeals more matured and charming than 11 years ago in newly-release teaser images.
Source: YG Family

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