[NEWS] Yang Hyun-Suk :“First, I’ll Make Katie Kim Most Healthy and Beautiful in Her Life, … Will Release Her Debut Song As Soon As Possible”


While Katie Kim, the winner of SBS TV’s “I Love Sunday – Survival Audition K-Pop Star Season 4” (“K-Pop Star 4”), has selected to join YG Entertainment (“YG”), YG’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK said, “I’ll first make Katie Kim most healthy and beautiful in her life, through workout and other measures”.

YANG said to StarNews in the afternoon on the 13, “After winning ‘K-Pop Star 4’ yesterday (April 12), Katie Kim has decided to join YG. Now, I’ll think about how she will make an official debut”.

YANG said, “I’ll first make her eat well at YG’s cafeteria and work out with 10 trainers who work at YG, to make her most healthy and beautiful in her life. When she gets healthier, she will have a stronger voice and better appearance”.

During broadcasting of “K-Pop Star 4” in which YANG HYUN SUK judged the contestants, YANG once said to Katie Kim “didn’t you have your dinner?”, saying she needed more power, when Katie Kim was in a temporary slump. That is why YANG decided to make her healthier through workout first, to strengthen her voice as well”.

YANG also expressed his intention to release Katie’s debut song as soon as possible.

YANG emphasized, “Singers who joined YG after winning ‘K-Pop Star’ like LEE HI and AKMU have released their debut songs within a few months since they joined YG. I’ll make Katie Kim release her debut song as soon as possible, for her and her fans”.

“The song to be first released by Katie Kim through YG is important for both Katie herself and the company, in a variety of aspects. I and the company will do our best to perfect Katie Kim and her debut song”, added YANG.

Meanwhile, after winning “K-Pop Star 4” by beating Jung Seung-Hwan on April 12, she used the winner’s privilege to decide to join YG. In “K-Pop Star 4” aired on April 12, Katie Kim explained why she chose YG, saying, “YG has liked me and made me survive the competition for several times, by choosing me over the other contestants. If it were not for YG’s selection, I could not have won the competition”. Katie Kim is a Korean living overseas, who was born in 1993. She came under the spotlight of the judges and viewers, by showing her deep soulful emotions with rather slow speaking of the Korean language.

Source: YG Life via YG United


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