[NEWS] [Exclusive] Release of JINUSEAN’s New Single in 11 Years in Mid This Month Confirmed… “We Wanted to Avoid BIGBANG”

[스타뉴스=길혜성 기자] JINUSEAN (JINU & SEAN), one of the old-boy hip-hop artists of Korea, has confirmed the time to release their new song to be unveiled after 11 years of absence from the music scene.

According to music insiders on the 2 this month, JINUSEAN will unveil their new song mid this month. (A related article exclusively published by StarNews on March 27) JINUSEAN has been planning for the release of their new song, but the exact time of the release has been confirmed only recently. The date of the release has been decided internally, but it is not officially announced yet, as there may be some changes or unexpected events.

JINUSEAN releases the new song as a single album. The new song of JINUSEAN is released 11 years after the team’s fourth full-length album with title track “Your Number” released in 2004.

That makes JINUSEAN the first artist of YG Entertainment (“YG”), one of the biggest music labels in Korea, to unveil a new song for the first time this year.

According to StarNews’s reporting, YG has been planning and preparing for BIGBANG’s comeback after three years of break, as the first project of the company for this year. On April 1, YG officially announced that BIGBANG will come back in May.

JINUSEAN said they wanted to avoid face-off with BIGBANG, their close friend and Korea’s leading K-pop idol group. JINUSEAN has even heard BIGBANG’s new song to be unveiled soon.

A music insider said, “JINUSEAN jokingly said to YG that they wanted to avoid BIGBANG. BIGBANG has waited for their comeback for three years, but we have waited for 11 years. YG decided to release JINUSEAN’s single mid this month before BIGBANG, considering the fact that JINUSEAN was actually the first success of the company.

Meanwhile, JINUSEAN debuted in 1997 and has been enjoying popularity by creating hits with “Tell Me”, “A-YO”, “Your Number”, and other songs in the late 1990’s until the mid 2000’s. Since then, the team has been absent from the music scene for a long period of time, but showed a passionate and still-powerful performance in MBC “Infinite Challenge – Saturday Singers” aired in early January this year. Since the broadcasting of the show, fans have been asking for release of JINUSEAN’s new song.

Meanwhile, JINUSEAN will perform at “Saturday Super Concert – DJ Chori’s Mix Mac” to be held on the 25 this month at Sang-am World Cup Stadium.

2015. 4. 2.

Originally posted by: YG Life


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