[NEWS] [Exclusive] JINUSEAN Comes Back with 2nd Version of “Tell Me”… Featuring by Uhm Jung-Hwa?

[OSEN=선미경 기자] As hip-hop duo JINUSEAN releases a new song this month, it is known that the second version of “Tell Me” will be included in their new album. “Tell Me” is the title track of JINUSEAN’s first album released in March, 1997, which paved the way for the YG Entertainment as now. The new version will be unveiled 18 years after the original one.

According to music insiders on the 3 this month, the second version of “Tell Me”, JINUSEAN’s most famous hit song, will be included in the duo’s new album. They have recently completed the shooting of the music video of the song.

An YG insider said, “JINUSEAN’s new song is a club version of ‘Tell Me’, which can be enjoyed by anyone”. The insider explained about the atmosphere at the shooting of the music video, “The new version is even more exciting than the original one. It well shows JINUSEAN’s emotions and groove, so every staff who were there at the shooting could not help dancing”.

“Tell Me” is a legendary song that swept the music scene upon its release in 1997 and opened the way for the hip-hop vogue in the 1990’s. Singer Uhm Jung-Hwa featured for the song and it enjoyed an explosive popularity along with “Gasoline”, another song included in the album. Notably, JINUSEAN created sensation recently, by presenting a performance of “Tell Me” with Uhm Jung-Hwa in MBC TV’s entertainment show “The Infinite Challenge – Saturday Singers”.

JINUSEAN is now working hard on the preparations for their comeback scheduled for mid this month. The new album will be released as a single, and fans are paying all the more attention to their comeback, as the team will have many TV appearances in line with the release of their new song.

It is currently known that JINUSEAN’s new song will be released as a single album, and the date of the release is now being discussed. The genre of the new song will be soulful hip-hop that can best show the identity of JINUSEAN. As another round of hip-hop vogue is sweeping the music scene recently, as seen by hip-hop songs taking top rankings on music charts and high popularity of hip-hop music shows such as “Show Me the Money” and “Unpretty Rap Star”, JINUSEAN’s comeback is very timely. That is why JINUSEAN, who is coming back after 11 years of absence, has become the first YG artist to come back for the first time in 2015.

Moreover, YG has recently announced that new hip-hop label “HIGH GROUND” will be established with TABLO as the head, in an exclusive interview with OSEN. YG’s passion for and big interest in hip-hop, the root of the company, is expected to naturally be expressed in JINUSEAN’s music.

YG’s original plan was to make BIGBANG the forerunner to come back in 2015, but JINUSEAN wanted to come back before BIGBANG rather than confronting and competing with them, so the schedule of JINUSEAN’s comeback has been advanced.

Music fans are paying keen attention to whether the second version of “Tell Me” by JINUSEAN who releases a new song after 11 years of absence, can dominate the music scene once again.

2015. 4. 3.

Originally posted by: YG Life


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