[NEWS] “K-POP STAR 4”’s Katie Kim Stages Collaboration Performance with LEE HI

[OSEN=박정선 기자] “K-POP STAR 4”’s Katie Kim will captivate music fans by staging a sensational collaboration performance with singer LEE HI.

In SBS TV’s entertainment program “I Love Sunday – K-POP STAR 4” that will be live-broadcasted on April 5, top 3 contestants will engage in a fierce semi-final competition to become two finalists. The top 3 members will compete in the semi-finals and present special stages in collaboration with artists of YG, JYP, and Antena Music. The special performances with the artists of the three labels are expected to be all the more thrilling.

Katie Kim will perform in collaboration with YG artist LEE HI, the runner-up of “K-POP STAR 1”. Katie Kim’s soulful voice color and wild and bold personality have been making her be compared with LEE HI from her very first appearance in the audition. Viewers have been showing responses such as “Katie Kim is like the second LEE HI”, “She reminds me of LEE HI”, etc. As Katie Kim and LEE HI called “soul doppelganger” are now finally having a joint stage, a legendary performance that fans have been dreamt of will come into reality”.

The staff of the audition show expressed their confidence by saying, “As collaboration performance is where our contestants should shake off the sense of burden and create harmony with another artist, fans will be able to discover a new appeal of the contestants, which have not been unfold so far on their solo stages. The staff ourselves have high expectations for the collaboration between Katie Kim and LEE HI, which has long been wanted by the fans of our show. Other than Katie Kim and LEE HIGH, the other two contestants and their collaboration performance with artists of JYP and Antena Music will satisfy fans’ eyes and ears, too”.

2015. 3. 31.

Originally posted by: YG Life


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