[NEWS] BIGBANG Comes Back with Release of New Songs for 5 Consecutive Months


YG posted a time schedule on April 1 on YG Entertainment (“YG”)’s official blog, which shows nine dates May 1, June 1, July 1, August 1, and September 1.

This schedule is thought to be the schedule for the release of new songs of BIGBANG who is coming back after three years of absence. According to such speculation, BIGBANG will release a new song once every month, which is a very rare and innovative case in the music scene. Some musicians have released their new songs once in every month so far, but it has been the case for no idol group, for whom the timing of comeback or timing of performances are very important.

Such bold plan of BIGBANG is expected to exert an influence on the entire music scene. The release of new songs for five consecutive months is very meaningful especially in the current music scene, where artists are performing for shorter period of time and musicians themselves and fans have regrets for such trend. This kind of comeback schedule is something unprecedented, so people are paying keen attention to how BIGBANG will overcome the physical limit and meet their fans.

Plus, such release schedule shows BIGBANG’s confidence in their new album. As they have worked on it for a long period of time and they always boast perfection of their music, music fans are having high expectations for the release of their new songs for five month period. Member G-DRAGON talked about the delayed comeback of BIGBANG and the team’s efforts for the new album, in an interview in November last year, “We want to make you enjoy good music, but our music has not been perfected yet, so our comeback is being delayed. If you wait for us for a little more, we will reward you with good music. The new album is one that is very important for us, so we are making more efforts.”

Plus, the release of BIGBANG’s new songs for five months in a row is expected to have a big influence on the entire music scene which is paying keen attention to the date of BIGBANG’s comeback and release of their new songs, as BIGBANG is a “music chart bigshot”.



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