[마이데일리=최지예 기자] Hip-hop group EPIK HIGH’s TABLO introduced new label “HIGH GROUND” for the first time.

Recently, YG Entertainment’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK made a surprise announcement that new label “HIGH GROUND” whose head is TABLO, will be established.

Following the announcement, TABLO introduced new label “HIGH GROUND” on the 30 in his radio show “MBC FM4U Radio Dreaming with TABLO”, by answering questions about the new label with EPIK HIGH’s other members DJ TUKUTZ and MITHRA JIN.

First of all, TABLO said, “As EPIK HIGH is a hip-hop group and I am a rapper, it is only natural that the new label is regarded as a hip-hop label. However, precisely speaking, the new label will cover all genres. There will be musicians of a variety of genres in the label called HIGH GROUND”, to answer a question about whether “HIGH GROUND” is a hip-hop label.

The name “HIGH GROUND” was given by TABLO himself, to show a meaning that “the new label will stage high-quality music regardless of whether it is ‘underground’ or ‘overground’”.

To a concern about if EPIK HIGH’s album will not be released because of the establishment of the new label, TABLO made it clear that EPIK HIGH will continue to be an YG artist by saying, “EPIK HIGH will remain as an YG artist. The new label (HIGH GROUND) will be our partner that is run by me and helps other artists. EPIK HIGH is not leaving YG”.

TABLO will concentrate on his role as a supporter to help “HIGH GROUND”’s artists exert their full music talent”.

Meanwhile, EPIK HIGH will hold concert on April 18 at SM Skydome in Manila, the Philippines, and on April 19 at Rotunda3 in Hong Kong. In May, the team will have concert tour in eight cities in Japan.

2015. 3. 31.

Originally posted by: YG Life


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