[ARTICLE] Rookie groups who snatch first prize on their debut

Only a few of idol groups in the K-pop music industry have managed to win first prize from various music programs on their debut. Many have to wait a little bit more to get the chance to sweep the first prize title. Here is a list of five groups who have successfully grabbed the first spot on various music programs and charts as soon as they made their debut.

Winner ‘​Empty​’​

Winner became the fastest group to become a first prize winner on a music program. After successfully selected as the winner of the talent search program ‘​WIN​’​, the group debuted with their single, ‘Empty’ in 2014. Within a week after they released ‘Empty’, Winner won their first prize on Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown’.

2NE1 ‘​Fire​’​ ​​

YG Entertainment’s number one girl group, 2NE1, have shown their ability and sincerity in music since they debuted in 2009. Debuting with their hits single ‘Fire’, 2NE1 managed to win first prize in only 40 days. ‘Fire’ was also awarded ‘Song of the Month’ by Cyworld Digital Music Award.

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