[ARTICLE] American Billboard Says, “CL’s Appearance is Important Moment for Both UMF and Korea’s Music History”

[동아닷컴=홍세영 기자] American Billboard Says, “CL’s Appearance is Important Moment for Both UMF and Korea’s Music History”

American Billboard shed spotlight on CL’s performance at “Ultra Music Festival” (UMF) and extolled CL by saying “CL’s appearance is an important moment for both UMF and Korea’s music history”.

Billboard explained CL’s performance in detail, saying, “UMF was a mega stage for all musicians and CL’s appearance was the most notable moment in it”.

Billboard explained, “CL first stood on the stage of ‘Dirty Vibe’, a song included in DJ Skrillex’s album ‘Recess’ in 2014. Then, the audience heard the beat of Diddy’s ‘It’s all about the Benjamin’s’, but the rap they heard was not Diddy’s but CL’s in the Korean language”.

Then, Billboard went on to highlight CL’s colorful and powerful performance once again, stating, “CL sang the verse part of her solo track ‘MTBD’ included in 2NE1′s historic album ‘CRUSH’ and presented a perfect Korean rap with the 90′s beat to a large audience. Even Skrillex and Diddy looked at CL and supported her”.

Billboard extolled CL, saying, “This is a very important moment for Korea’s music history. CL has been doing collaboration work with other artists constantly and done her best to prove her musical talent. If she can maintain her natural power in cooperation with Scooter Braun who is helping her debut in the States, she will be part of the American pop music market naturally.”

Meanwhile, CL, who captivated 100,000 people with world-class artists such as Diddy, Diplo, and Justin Bieber on the ending stage of Skrillex in America’s leading music festival “Ultra Music Festival” held on the 29 last month (local time) at Miami Bayfront Park, has signed contract with SB PROJECT of Scooter Braun who helped PSY’s success in the States and been preparing for her official debut in the country.

2015. 4. 1.

Originally posted by: YG Life


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