[ARTICLE] Return of BIGBANG or iKON… “April Evacuation Warning” for Music Scene

[OSEN=최나영 기자] As YG Entertainment (“YG”) has announced that its starting pitcher for the year 2015 will take the plate on April 1, fans’ interest in who the starter will be among YG artists is growing higher. Plus, a tension is spreading throughout the pop music scene, for this coming April.

YG unveiled “WHO’S NEXT” teaser image on the company’s official blog YG LIFE, on the 25 in the afternoon, to announce the news. The image is marked with a date, April 1, 2015.

The YG artist expected to come back on the day is BIGBANG or iKON. Notably, BIGBANG has already announced that they will come back soon. As BIGBANG is coming back after two and a half years of break since June 2012, fans have been waiting for too long. Since the team is now committed to preparation for their new album for the comeback as a complete team, they are thought to be the one to come back on April 1. Music fans have been speculating that BIGBANG will come back in April this year, but YG said, “Nothing on the schedule for BIGBANG’s comeback has been decided yet”.

The other team to possibly attack the music scene in April is iKON. If that is the case, iKON will make their official debut on the day. iKON’s seven members (B.I, BOBBY, KIM JINHWAN, SONG YOONHYEONG, KOO JUNHOE, KIM DONGHYUK, and JUNG CHANWOO) who were selected through competition in “MIX & MATCH” show aired from September to November, 2014, have already staged their first official performance by standing on the opening stage of BIGBANG’s Japan Five Dome Tour as a guest performer, in November last year. Fans are paying keen attention to how much they have evolved as artists since then, to meet fans with their own performances.

Of course, it may not be the two teams. What is certain here is, however, that a comeback of YG artists who always dominate music charts will exert a great influence on the music scene. That is why pop music insiders are always keen to the timing of artists’ comeback, and paying extra attention to YG artists’ plans. Some of them are even saying that “we should avoid this April for the comeback of our artists”.

Meanwhile, YG has been announcing the news on its artists’ comeback or debut on its official blog YG LIFE.

2015. 3. 25.

Originally posted by: YG Life


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