[NEWS] Big Bang′s G-Dragon to Showcase First Hologram Concert in April

Fans will be able to see G-Dragon through a hologram concert.

Starting April 1, Big Bang′s G-Dragon will reveal his hologram concert, Awake, at K-Live in Dongdaemun for the first time.

This upcoming hologram concert will be using the Telepresence technique, upgrading the concert experience with audience participation. As a system used widely in video conferences, Telepresence is a technique that uses virtual reality technology and internet techniques to create an optical illusion that a virtual representation of a person is standing right in front of you.

During the Who You performance, the Telepresence technique will be used, bringing one person from the audience up to the stage and creating the illusion that G-Dragon is standing on stage and singing to the audience member.

At the hologram concert, G-Dragon will be performing old and new songs, such as Heartbreaker, Crayon, Who You, and Crooked.

The audience will be given the opportunity to experience and enjoy G-Dragon with the 3D holographic image, Projection Mapping and augmented reality through the new generation and new media technology.

Special effects, such as a surround sound systems, lights, lasers, fog and bubbles, will also be used to create a realistic concert environment for fans to enjoy.

G-Dragon′s hologram concert was created by NIK (Next Interactive K, Limited), an entertainment-related new generation and media contents production and distribution joint venture, which was founded by YG Entertainment, District, KT and Paradise,

Meanwhile, K-Live opened up in January of 2014 to allow audience members in and outside of Korea to enjoy a virtual K-Pop concert.

Source: Mnet


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