[NEWS] PSY Changed Whole Picture in YouTube Hit Number…. 2.1 Billion to 9.22 Quintillion


[문화일보=안진용 기자] “Manners make a man”. It is a famous line in film “King’s Man” which has been creating sensation recently.

To play a variation with the line, “PSY makes history”. Singer PSY has changed the whole system of YouTube, a video-steaming website operated by world-biggest search engine Google. The number of clicks for PSY’s music video “Gangnam Style” has gone beyond the imagination of Google and YouTube, the most innovative group of people in the world.

On the 10 this month, Google announced, “We have never thought the number of any music video’s clicks would ever surpass 32-bit whole number(2,147,483,647), until we encountered PSY. We had to upgrade the digit into 64-bit whole number (922,337,236,854,775,808), because of the huge number of clicks for PSY’s “Gangnam Style”. On the day, the number of hits for “Gangnam Style” surpassed 2.2 billion.

Thinking about it, PSY has always upturned the trend. He debuted in 2001, when good-looking boy bands such as H.O.T were in vogue. At that time, PSY with unique look and funny dance was called “strange singer”.

Some call him a natural-born “performer”. Of course, he would have not been this popular if it were not for his “horse-riding dance” in “Gangnam Style”. However, he is rather a natural-born “singer-songwriter” than “performer”. Since his debut song “Bird”, he has always written and performed his own songs. The choreography was just to supplement the songs.

One more thing. PSY is the first Korean guy who served in the army twice. Some

Say that is why PSY has achieved such success. To play a variation from “King’s Man” again, “Hardship made PSY”.

2015. 3. 13.

Originally posted by: YG Life


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