[YG NEWS] KU HYE SUN in “Blood” Shows Innocent and Feminine Beauty in Tears!

Goo Hye Sun
Unveiling four behind-cuts
Actress KU HYE SUN is drawing attention by unveiling four behind cuts of her crying acting in KBS2 TV’s drama series “Blood”. The cuts are showing her innocent and feminine beauty.

In episode 7 of “Blood” (written by Park Jae-bum and directed by Ki Min-soo and Lee Jae-hoon) aired on the 9 (Tue.), “Yoo Rita” (acted by KU HYE SUN) who was raised without parents, prays for her deceased parents in a Catholic church of sister “Ahn Silvia” (acted by Son Sook) who took care of Rita.
In the drama, “Rita” experienced an accident when she was young, but survived by the help of “Park Ji-sang” (acted by Ahn Jae-hyun). However, Rita’s parents who were looking for her at that time died by losing their footing in the mountain.
In the behind cuts of KU HYE SUN, “Rita” is shedding tears in a white veil, desperately praying in the church she went when young. She is shedding a of tear, with her hands put together, well-expressing “Rita”s heartache. One of the photos that shows her overwhelmed by “Rita”‘s emotions, still sweeping tears after the shooting, is very impressive.
Meanwhile, “Rita” becomes suspicious of who “Ji-sang” really is, and the two become conscious of each other. “Ji-sang” asks about “Rita”‘s past. “Rita”confesses to “Ji-sang” that he is making her a strange person, then “Ji-sang” also confesses that he has a rare disease. As the relationship between the two rapidly develops, viewers’ expectations for the drama are growing bigger.
Source: ygfamily

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