[NEWS] YG Rep Confirms BIGBANG Comeback in April is Not True; What About WINNER & iKon?


A high-ranking representative at YG Entertainment left the fans in confusion by revealing that although it is true that Big Bang is working on their comeback album, the release date is still up in the air.

The representative revealed, “It is true that Big Bang is focused solely on working on their music for their comeback as a group, but the reports of them making a comeback in April are groundless as there are no confirmed dates in their schedule. We didn’t even decide on the comeback date yet, so I don’t know why talks of their comeback stage on music shows or their concert dates are being spread around. They are groundless.” 

Previously, it was reported that Yang Hyun Suk disclosed to Ilgan Sports that Big Bang was the first in line for YG Entertainment’s comeback in 2015. According to the reports, Yang Hyun Suk confirmed that the album is set to release in April.

Meanwhile, fans are again left to only hope for the best that Big Bang will make a comeback in 2015 as was promised on multiple occasions.

Credit: Allkpop

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