[ARTICLE] iKON, WINNER’s Activities Put In Question After YG Entertainment’s Statement On Big Bang’s Comeback


Comments made on Monday by YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk have called into question the release date of three of the label’s most anticipated upcoming albums.

In February, YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk reportedly announced Big Bang’s comeback with an album set for April. However, this claim has since been refuted by a representative of the label.

“It is true that Big Bang is focused solely on working on their music for their comeback as a group, but the reports of them making a comeback in April are groundless as there are no confirmed dates in their schedule,” said the rep according to allkpop.

“We haven’t even decided on the comeback date yet, so I don’t know why talks of their comeback stage on music shows or their concert dates are being spread around. They are groundless.”

Given that iKON and WINNER’s comebacks will reportedly follow Big Bang, observers are also wondering if their comebacks will come later in the year than expected.

“iKON and WINNER are working on things as well, but our first batter this year is Big Bang,” said Yang.
Recently, YG Entertainment’s blog YG-Life published a new entry detailing Big Bang’s come back. Here, the CEO discussed the group’s growth since their debut 10 years ago.

“The album will be the highlight of their 10-year career,” said Yang.

“Listening to their songs, I thought, this is why Big Bang is Big Bang, the eldest and best artist of YG. Not only the title song but also every other song is great. This album is something that fans have long been waiting for. Of course, I have had high expectations for the album. Now, I’m quite satisfied with the outcome. I even feel like paying tribute to and respecting Big Bang as an artist.”

Credit: Kpopstarz

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