[NEWS/PHOTOS] BIGBANG Taeyang is the New Advertising Model for NBA Korea


Taeyang, the member of the Hallyu Idol group Big Bang is appointed as the brand advertising model for the street casual brand of NBA’s 2015 Spring-Summer collection.

His casual style and hiphop swag specially fits right for the Hip Hop swag 2015 S/S seasons in Korea and China.

Taunted as the dark horse of the fashion industry, the NBA have released variety of hip hip and street culture as a fashion sense.

NBA represents a brand that boasts its own sensibility, as shown in their new line of fashion snapbacks, with their  chic and casual black & white collection this NBA season.

Meanwhile , NBA 2015 S/S season pictorial cuts are expected to be released sequentially through the official Facebook page and the official website of the NBA. The 2015 NBA and Taeyang’s intensity are expected to come out brightly with a lot of ‘swag’.

Source: Topstarnews; Rough Trans: elle // via ygunited

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