[YG LIFE NEWS] TAEYANG’s First World Tour with 120,000 Fans Huge Success Last concert in Taiwan on March 1: Surprise Gift Event for the Fans

[조이뉴스24=이미영기자]BIGBANG’s TAEYANG finished his first exclusive world tour “RISE” in a huge success.

Starting from Japan in August, TAEYANG moved on to Korea, China, and Thailand, and reached Taiwan on March 1. Traveling across 8 countries and 18 cities, he was joined by 117,400 fans, proving his borderless popularity as a solo singer.

Fans were exhilarated by TAEYANG’s incredible and powerful performance in singing and dancing as a solo artist, not as a member of BIGBANG this time


The Taiwan concert that marked the end of his tour was filled with various events and live performances, giving the fans an unforgettable memory.

TAEYANG was in TPEC Gymnasium at 5pm on the day for his last concert. His performance and live singing was evermore solidified after accumulated experience from his previous concerts, leaving the fans in awe. He sang a total of 20 songs, including “BODY” from his 2nd album and “SUPER STAR,” MOVE” and “YOU’RE MY,” touching all genres from groovy to sentimental. Not a minute went passed without excitement during the entire concert.

As this was the last one, TAEYANG showcased “TAKE IT SLOW,” which was the song fans desperately wanted to hear live. He made the concert even more special by adding songs that were not on the list in the original plan.

Usually TAEYANG would gift his cap and shoes as a gift, but this day he took off his shirt for the fans. With the fans in the background he even took a group shot with his band. He indeed was sad to part with the fans.

Now TAEYANG will be gearing up for BIGBANG’s new album that will be released for the first time in 3 long years.

2015. 3. 2.

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