[YG LIFE NEWS] EPIK HIGH’s 1st Taiwan Concert a Success: 1,000 Fans Ecstatic


[TV리포트=김보라 기자] EPIK HIGH finished their first exclusive concert in Taiwan in a huge success.

Held under the title “Parade” at Taipei Legacy on Feb 28, EPIK HIGH attracted 1,200 fans to their concert. The local fans were indeed excited to see the South Korean band.

EPIK HIGH kicked off their concert by performing “Encore,” a song included in their latest album “SHOEBOX.” They moved on to sing “FLY,” impressing the audience. TUKUTZ commented, “I am exhilarated to be in Taiwan to see you all,” and MITHRA added, “I did not expect so many of you to turn up. I am really excited.”

The trio showcased their hit songs like “UP,” “BURJ KHALIFA,” “LOVE LOVE LOVE,” “SPOILER” and “HAPPEN ENDING,” making the fans excited. They also performed their own version of TAEYANG’s “EYES, NOSE, LIPS,” “KILL THIS LOVE” and “FAN.” Performing a total of 19 songs, they also impressed the fans by speaking to them in their local language most of the time.

In return, EPIK HIGH was touched by the local fans who sang along in Korean.

TABLO commented, “It was so much fun performing for you. It will remain as a wonderful memory forever.” TUKUTZ added, “I will be back in Taiwan. Taiwan is the best. Thank you for giving us such good memories,” all in the local language.

EPIK HIGH will be in Texas Austin from Mar 13 to 22 (local dates) to be part of one of the world’s largest music festivals South X South West (SXSW) to introduce the charms of Korean hip-hop. On April 18, they will be in Manila, Philippines at the SM Skydome and in Hong Kong’s Rotunda3 on the 19th for exclusive concerts.

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