[YG LIFE NEWS] BIGBANG Heats Up Japan before First Comeback in 3 Years


[OSEN=최나영 기자] Fans in Japan were exhilarated by BIGBANG’s appearance with their comeback imminent.

BIGBANG was at Japan’s representing fashion event, “Tokyo Girls Collection 2015 S/S,” dominating the stage with their presence.

The 20th “Tokyo Girls Collection” was held at the National Yoyogi Gymnasium on Feb 28. The biennial event marked its 10th anniversary, celebrating the special day in the largest scale of its history.

After all the brand show was finished, BIGBANG appeared on stage at 9pm. When a giant screen introduced BIGBANG through a video clip, the gymnasium was heated to the maximum.

The five members appeared in fancy outfits, once again proving their incredible fashion sense. They showcased “TONIGHT” and “HANDS UP,” making 33,700 fashionistas exhilarated. They used the 35m long runway freely to perform “BAD BOY.”

Last but not least, “FANTASTIC BABY” was introduced by G-DRAGON’s a capella, and ended up as a fun performance where all the audience stood up to dance along BIGBANG’s song.

The 20th event was the largest in its history, attracting whopping 1,021 media reporters. It was heated up even more by the celebration of 10th anniversary and BIGBANG’s appearance. 

BIGBANG was the first foreign artist in Japan’s history to hold 5 Dome Tour for 2 years in a row. Their 2nd tour from November to January attracted 740,000 fans, and now fans are even more excited as BIGBANG is to have their first comeback in 3 long years soon. 

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