[ARTICLE] ‘Aunty Cha’ Craze in Hong Kong too! Making Headlines in Hong Kong’s Major Media Outlets

CHA SEUNG WON Three Meals a Day

– Big spotlight on CHA SEUNG WON of “Three Meals a Day”, shed by Hong Kong media outlets
– Hong Kong’s most influential media outlet “Apple Daily” says, “Fashionable CHA SEUNG WON broke his distinct character”

 “Aunty CHA”’s special appeal has hit Hong Kong hard.
Hong Kong’s major media outlets are drawing keen attention, by making headlines with CHA SEUNG WON, who has recently been creating sensation in tvN’s reality show “Three Meals a Day – Fishing Village”. Every episode of the show has been setting new viewer ratings record, to attract keen attention from the public.
Recently, Hong Kong’s major media outlets including the region’s biggest newspaper “Apple Daily” and “HKET”, as well as popular trendy magazine “East Touch”, published articles that describe CHA SEUNG WON’s success in “Three Meals a Day – Fishing Village” in detail, showing the high popularity CHA and the show in Hong Kong.
In an article titled “CHA in Charge of Cooking in ‘Three Meals a Day’ – ‘I’m Really Enjoying It’”, Apple Daily introduced CHA’s newly-unveiled appeal, saying, “CHA became famous for his leading role in drama series ‘The Greatest Love’, and has been recognized as a fashionable star with his gorgeous style. However, he has shed off such an image in ‘Three Meals a Day – Fishing Village’”. The newspaper also cited CHA, “I do not dislike my new nickname ‘Aunty CHA’ and I do not think that such nickname ruins my image as an actor. I’m just so grateful that so many people like this side of me”.
In an article titled “CHA SEUNG WON in ‘Three Meals a Day’ Works as a Cook in the Kitchen“, “HKET” said “Actor CHA SEUNG WON wears ‘aunty’ clothes, to boast his splendid cooking skills in the kitchen”. The newspaper also cited CHA, “It is hard and tiring, but that is the very way to show myself to the public in the most honest and frank way”, to talk about CHA’s commitment for the show.
“HKET” also answered to questions that viewers of the show may have, by citing CHA, “I don’t have that much cooking experience, but I’m cooking in the show based on my past memories. In ‘Three Meals a Day – Fishing Village’, I have to cook by using seafood only, so I can’t cook my best dish ‘Steamed Kimchi and pork’. That is the only thing I feel sorry about this show”.
“East Touch” also mentioned “Three Meals a Day”, saying, “CHA SEUNG WON and Yoo Hae-jin are like an old couple who has spent years after years together”. It highlighted CHA’s cooking skills, saying, “It would be good for CHA to practice his cooking further and open his own restaurant”.
While “Three Meals a Day – Fishing Village” is creating a sensation in Korea by setting the highest-ever viewership record for tvN channel – 12.8% of average viewership rating and 14.7% of the highest rating, the show began to be aired in Hong Kong on Channel M starting from the 14 this month, on every Saturday at 9pm (local time), to draw big attention and popularity there.
Meanwhile, in episode 6 to be aired in this evening (Feb. 27), CHA will leave Manjae Island with “clumsy” Jeong Woo who came to the island as a special guest, not with his partner Yoo Hae-jin with whom CHA is showing the best “couple chemistry” or fixed member Son Ho-joon, to arouse viewers’ curiosity. Fans are paying keen attention to what the two left at the island will do without “Aunty CHA”.
Source: YG Family

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