[NEWS] BIGBANG Recording New Song with Masta Wu and Kush?

Masta Wu Instagram Update - GD G-Dragon, TOP, YoungBae Taeyang

Masta Wu personally uploaded  updates from the ongoing preparations for BIGBANG’sbig return with a photo of him and the members in the studio. 

On February 25th, Masta Wu updated his own Instagram account with a photo taken from the recording studio. T.O.P, Taeyang and G-Dragon in a candid shot while in the recording studio alongside YG Entertainment’s producer Kush. The update further came with the tag “Squad !!!” which delighted fans with little tidbits from their possible comeback preparations.

Meanwhile, as previously announced, YG Entertainment has confirmed BIGBANG’scomeback in April with the launch of their album and concert tour. They are one of the big preparations being held under the agency following WINNER’s return and iKON’sdebut which is planned to be released in one month intervals.

Squad !!!

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Credits: koreaboo

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