[ARTICLE] JANG HYUN SUNG in “I Heard That from the Rumors”, Serious but Funny! “A Magical Actor who Can Even Act Comic”

JANG HYUN SUNG I Heard That from the Rumors

Actor JANG HYUN SUNG  is drawing a big attention for his serious but comic acting in SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama series “I Heard That from the Rumors” (written by Jung Sung-joo, directed by Ahn Pan-seok).

In the first episode of the drama aired on the 23 (Mon.), JANG acted an all-time serious but funny man “Seo Hyung-sik”, the father of  “Seo Bom” (acted by Go Ah-sung).

“Seo Bom” gets pregnant at the age of 20, expecting a baby instead of going to college. “Seo Hyung-sik” gets angry and talks to his daughter seriously, but soon falls down from the chair, which created a comic scene. As such, JANG is showing what black comedy really is, from the point of his first appearance.

Then, “In-sang” (acted by Lee Jun), the father of “Bom”s child, appears and “Seo Hyung-sik” springs at him out of anger, saying, “You’re the one that ruined my daughter”, showing a comic chemistry with Lee Jun who is to be his son-in-law.

JANG has mainly acted evil characters of power so far, but in this new drama series, he acts the character of an ordinary father, who is always serious and nervous, but a warm-hearted and humane man. JANG’s character is expected to make the drama all the more interesting.

Viewers and Internet users who watched the drama and JANG’s angry character are showing favorable responses, saying, “JANG is like the king of comic acting”, “He is a magical actor who can do even comic acting”, “Now he has a new ordinary man character, which is so fresh and different from his past evil characters”, “Bom’s father so serious but so hilarious”, “Every scene in which he appears is so hilarious”, “This drama is so fun”, etc.

Meanwhile, SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama series “I Heard That from the Rumors” is a black comedy that keenly satirizes the snobbishness of Korea’s upper class, who enjoys power like a king and tries to inherit the wealth and blue blood to their descendants. The topic of the drama itself especially suits our times, when the power of the haves is overwhelming the ordinary. As such, this drama is drawing a keen attention from Internet users and drama lovers, to take the No.1 on the real-time search word ranking of search engines from the very beginning of being broadcasted.

Source: ygfamily via ygunited

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