[INTERVIEW] CL Talks About Her Life As A Student In Complex Interview

CL Complex Article

On Feb. 17, New York based magazine Complex released a special pictorial and print interview with 2NE1’s fierce leader CL. In the flirty yet sweet photos, the beauty worked Moschino runway pieces in a bedroom set filled with stuffed animals of American pop-culture cartoons. In the interview, CL debunked 2NE1 breakup rumors, discussed her upcoming American debut and even boasted about the wonders of Korean makeup.

The following day, Feb. 18, the magazine released an additional short interview with the idol. In the video, CL answered questions on a leather couch in the photography studio where she took her high-fashion photos. During the second interview, CL concentrated on revealing aspects of her personality and childhood.

The beauty talked about her extroverted personality, favorite American food, and love for the television sitcoms Modern Family and Friends.

When the topic switched to her school life, CL stated, “I went to international schools my whole life in France, Japan, and Korea. I would feel like an alien because, it’s like, I’m not totally Korean…I’m not totally Japanese…” Although CL found it difficult to feel like she belonged, she made friends easily. She continued “I’m an open book. I love making friends…I feel like I could learn from anyone and I like getting inspired…”

The idol then revealed that she befriended many of her teachers. She stated, “I was the type that was close with the teachers. I think I was really mature when I was young, so I would have lunch with the teachers and chill with them.”

You can watch CL’s interview below!

Credits: Kpopstarz

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