[NEWS] YG New Boy group ‘iKON’ working on their official debut song.

In the midst of new 7 member boy group iKON working on their official debut song, YG Entertainment which is an agency as well as one of the nation’s best k-pop agencies, has said that “there’ll be good news soon”.

A high official of YG recently told Star News that “Lately, iKON members have come out to the building every day with no day off and are immersing themselves in working on songs at the recording studio. As much as iKON members are preparing for their official debut song, there are devoting themselves into making it.

This official then said “Relating iKON’s debut song, there’ll be good news soon: and informed that iKON’s debut is approaching. According to YG, they were planning to debut iKON this month. However, as iKON members put a lot of effort into making the song, it has been analysed that actually it’d be hard to debut this month. But, iKON is working on songs without a break in between and because YG has revelead that “there’ll be good news soon”, it is expected that iKON will debut as soon as possible.

Source: Star News , Trans: @KIMJ1WON via YGUNITED

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