[NEWS] Filming of Lee Yeon Hee and Cha Seung Won’s New MBC Drama Postponed after Death of a Staff Member

A staff member of upcoming MBC historical drama “Hwajung,” featuring Lee Yeon Hee and Cha Seung Won, passed away suddenly.

According to a spokesperson of MBC, Mr. An passed away in a motel room on January 18 while scouting filming locations for the drama. Funeral proceedings were subsequently held in Seoul on January 20. Mr. An was 46 years old.

The spokesperson also noted, “After investigation and finding no signs of a break-in, police determined that the deceased died suddenly of undetermined causes.” They also noted that Mr. An’s health was not ideal at the time of his death.

In light of the tragic news, “Hwajung’s” production company, Kim Jong Hak Productions, is said to be consulting with Mr. An’s family over compensation for his death. “Mr. An worked with Kim Jong Hak Productions for 20 years, so everyone is very troubled by his sudden passing,” the representative said.

Filming of the drama’s first episode has been delayed as a result of the incident, but it is still expected to air in April following the last episode of “Shine or Go Crazy.”

Credits: Soompi

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