[YG LIFE] YG, “Studio filled with PSY, BIGBANG, iKON & WINNER in January”

[스타뉴스 길혜성 기자] YG Entertainment, one of the giant agencies in South Korea, is heightening expectations for the fans as it announced their recording studios are filled with their male artists working on new songs.

Personnel from YG told Star News, “Several recording studios in the YG building are activated in full force as they are being used by mainly the male artists to record songs.”

They added, “Male artists from YG like PSY, BIGBANG, WINNER and iKON are planning on releasing new albums and songs in the first half of this year, so the studios are being used in full.”

“This will continue for the full month of January. If things go as planned, then you will be able to see several YG male artists in the first half of this year.”

YG earlier announced that iKON will release their official debut song in January at the earliest, while the world-star PSY will release a new song and an album in the first half of the year. And as the latest news on the studio being fully used is announced, it seems more likely that we will be able to see more than two YG male artists this year. It is not surprising that YG fans are getting more and more excited.

Credits: YG-Life

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