[NEWS] Lee Seung Hoon’s continued absence at WINNER’s fanmeeting tour leaves fans worried

WINNER‘s Lee Seung Hoon, who was previously announced to be sitting out the ‘WWIC 2015‘ fan meeting in Beijing, will also be unable to attend the event taking place at Shanghai later today (17th).

YG Entertainment previously revealed that Lee Seung Hoon’s health was not in good condition and would be missing out on the Beijing event, which was held back on the 10th. With his continued absence at the event in Shanghai, fans have been expressing their concern, especially as he was noticeably absent from the performance at the ‘Golden Disk Awards‘ held on the 14th as well.

The agency has still not given a detailed update regarding Lee Seung Hoon’s health, leaving fans to worry about whether he is alright. However the rumor floating around is that he will be attending the next one, so it seems he is on his way to full recovery.

As mentioned previously, the idol is known to normally suffer from back pain so fans have speculated that his previous fall from the stage could have possibly attributed to his current health condition.

In response to the articles regarding his absence at the latest fanmeeting, fans voiced their concerns, writing, “It really does feel ’empty’ without Seung Hoon there. It’s the best with all five. Please don’t be in pain and get rest,” “Hurry up and get better… I really miss you. WINNER is the most beautiful when together as five!! I heard that he’ll be attending the next one so I find that a relief,” “Please get better soon!”, and more.

Credits: Allkpop

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