[ARTICLE] Han Ye Seul Reveals G-Dragon’s “R.O.D” was Written for Her

In a recent interview with a media, actress Han Ye Seul stated that G-Dragon’s song “Ride or Die,” or “R.O.D” was one of the songs written for her by her longtime boyfriend and YG Entertainment’s producer Teddy.

Han Ye Seul said, “If you listen to all the songs produced since two years ago, the loves songs or ones written about a beauty of a girl is actually my story. You could say I was his muse, it was always a bit saddening because Teddy couldn’t directly mention me for the songs produced.”

“R.O.D” was listed in G-Dragon’s 2nd solo album COUP D’ETAT released in 2013. The lyrics include phrases, such as, “You’re face is beautiful like a porcelain,” “I freeze like a statue when I see you,” “I can only last 10 minutes without thinking about you,” “I will give you the love you would have never felt ever,” and more.

She also mentioned in the interview that, “We met two years ago in a gathering with mutual friends. It was like a scene from a movie, we introduced ourselves and after I asked for his number first and asked him out first.” They officially began dating in May 2013, while they first met each other earlier in 2013.

Meanwhile, the couple has been showing adorable public display of affection. Recently, Han Ye Seul gave a romantic shout out to Teddy at the 2014 SBS Drama Awards. During another recent interview, Han Ye Seul revealed herthoughts about marriage with him as well.

Credits: koreaboo

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