[ARTICLE] Jinusean Talks About YG Entertainment’s Reaction During Sean’s Concert Proposal to Actress Jung Hye Young

Jinu says that all of YG Family was shocked when Sean proposed to his wife ,Jung Hye Young, during their concert eleven years ago.

The duo, Jinusean, appeared as guests on SBS PowerFM‘s Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School‘s Back to the 90’s Special on January 15th.

During the radio guesting, Sean talked about the story behind his proposal after Kim Chang Ryul initially asked about Jung Hye Young’s reaction during Infinite Challenge’s “Saturday, Saturday is for Singers” special.

Sean then revealed that Jung Hye Young really enjoyed the special, but further explained the story behind his proposal years back saying, “I went to the concert with my mind made up to propose that day, but I lacked confidence while on the stage. From the beginning of the concert to the end, I kept on wondering when I should do it, but since it ends after the encore performance, I yelled ‘STOP’ in a loud voice during the encore. The drums, guitar, piano all stopped and the artists were all confused. I did it then.”

As a follow-up to Sean’s statement, fellow Jinusean member, Jinu expressed how his fellow member was brave and stated that, “It must be true that the brave get the beautiful women,” as the proposal really did leave all the YG Family artists in shock on stage that day.

 Source: Osen via Koreaboo

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